Center for Dispute and Conflict Resolution

The University of Warsaw as the first university in Poland introduced in 2011 the institutions of Academic Ombudsman for student and employee affairs.

Academic Ombudsman is an independent and neutral figure appointed by the Rector of the University of Warsaw, a person to which students and employees can turn to for support in university-related matters. The Ombudsman’s support is of confidential character and the interested parties may remain anonymous.

You may contact the Ombudsman by phone (22) 55 27 214 or via e-mail:

For more information visit:

Academic mediation

Many disputes, both labor disputes and disputes between students and the University’s administration, are resolved judicially or administratively. Meanwhile, the experience of many universities in other countries suggest that the various disputes related to their activities (academic disputes) can be effectively resolved through mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods. Their use contributes not only to reduction of costs of the procedure, but primarily serves wider educational purposes, improves communication and the overall atmosphere within the academic community, fosters constructive problem solving and also prevents disputes from occurring.

One of the priorities in the activity of the Center for Dispute and Conflict Resolution is to promote the idea of ​​alternative dispute resolution within the University community. For this purpose, since the academic year 2007/2008 we give lectures in various departments and other organizational units of the University of Warsaw on resolving academic disputes among students, academic and administrative staff.

Since the beginning of November 2011 an Academic Ombudsman operates at the University of Warsaw. The Ombudsman provides support in academic and employee matters and collaborates with the Center for Dispute and Conflict Resolution in the field of academic mediation.

We invite those interested in the program of academic mediation (students, student organizations, administrative authorities, etc.) not only from the University of Warsaw, to establish contact us.

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