Mediation Clinic

The Mediation Clinic is an academic course that aims at deepening the practical knowledge of mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method, as well as at familiarizing students with problems that occur while solving legal disputes. The priority to participate in the clinic is given to law students who have completed the course on mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods or other courses or workshops on negotiation, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods, as well as to students from the negotiation and mediation specialization in the Institute of Applied Social Sciences.

The main objectives of the Mediation Clinic are:

  • to familiarize the students with legal issues concerning mediation,
  • to provide workshops on techniques of mediator’s craft,
  • to discuss particular cases
  • to participate in simulations (of criminal, civil, commercial and family mediations).

Organizational matters:

The course lasts for one semester. Classes are held once a week, on Wednesdays between 17:00 and 20:30. The active participation in classes is the duty of all participants of the clinic. During the semester, each student is required to prepare (in a small group) a project upon previous agreement with the coordinator of the clinic and the teacher. The task is to prepare a simulation of mediation, presentation, negotiation or mediation game, case study, etc. In the course of the Mediation Clinic students can take part in events organized by the Center for Dispute and Conflict Resolution (e.g. participation in research or conferences).

As part of the Mediation Clinic (in the second half of the semester), students can also take part in mediations in the Center for Dispute and Conflict Resolution as co-mediators. Such participation is not mandatory but should be treated as an award for the best and most dedicated students. Participation in co-mediation means to help mediators in case handling from the first contact with the parties until the end of the mediation. Co-mediation may be continued after the end of Mediation Clinic.

Those who will participate in co-mediation (at least in three of them) will receive a special certificate issued by the Center for Dispute and Conflict Resolution.

For participation in the Mediation Clinic students obtain 6 ECTS credits (60 hours). The certificate of completion of the Mediation Clinic is recognized by the majority of the mediation centers as corresponding to the basic course, which allows the clinic graduates to start a mediation internship.