Our activities

The objective of the Center for Dispute and Conflict Resolution at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw is promotion of dispute resolution culture. We conduct comprehensive activities for the popularization and development of mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods (ADR) enhancing creation of an open civil society. We rely on the experience and knowledge of the academic staff of the University of Warsaw as well as on the support of numerous experts and institutions collaborating with us.

The Center for Dispute and Conflict Resolution is a foundation established in 2006 with the aim to raise awareness of mediation among students of the University of Warsaw.

It is crucial to familiarize the lawyers to be with the idea and knowledge on alternative dispute resolution methods (ADR), since they in course of their profession will shape the use of ADR in the future.

Statutory goals of the Center for Dispute and Conflict Resolution include:
  • Supplementing legal curriculum with theoretical and practical courses on alternative dispute resolution;
  • Enhancing educational process by introducing practical training on negotiation, mediation and other ADR;
  • Fostering integration of academic community by promoting the use of alternative dispute resolution in academic disputes;
  • Promoting the idea of mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods in legal communities, other professional groups and local communities in order to strengthen the principles of civil society, human rights and democracy, as well as to raise legal awareness, in particular with regard to the role of law in social life, sources and types of conflicts and methods of solving them;
  • Supporting introduction of modern methods of conflict resolution to ensure that all citizens have better access to justice;
  • Improving social assistance system by offering free-of-charge mediation services;
  • Promoting ethics among law students;

Promoting the idea of European integration, cooperation between societies and other activities facilitating international harmonization of law and closer collaboration among legal communities, in particular in the field of conflict resolution.